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Aditya Dispomed Pvt.Ltd.



Set up in 2003 exclusively for the international market, Aditya Dispomed Products Pvt. Ltd. produces a wide range of surgical blades, Disposable Scalpels and Safety Scalpels under the Kiato brand name. Our blades command respect from the finest surgeon, dentists and even the most discerning industrial users all over the world.

Our state-of -the art plant is conveniently situated close to the capital, just
30 minutes from the New Delhi international airport, helps service our international clients promptly.

Our parent company Kehr Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. based in Kanpur with more than 50 years experience is the leading producer of surgical blades in the country. Some of the country's leading medical institutions today willingly bear testimony to our blades. As do the numerous awards we have won for excellence in various fields. And yet, we have not just secured our leadership within the Domestic market but have also established a formidable presence on the international scenario. The first export order from Becton Dickinson in 1975 helped set us on the path of excellence. Since 2000, with the launch of our Kiato range of products, there has been no looking back. Today, more than 75% of the total production is exported to various parts of the globe, from the United States to Europe and the Middle East and to Africa.