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Kehr Surgical/Aditya Dispomed participation at Medica 2010
Stand N06
Hall 5,
17th to 20th NOVEMBER 2010

17.10.2010 – Kehr Surgical/Aditya Dispomed was once again able to showcase the company as a leader specializing in the production of safety scalpel, surgical blades, disposable scalpels, stitch cutters and post mortem blades.

We had a record number of visitors surpassing previous year numbers inspite of the fact that the Medica Halls did not look as busy this year. Medica 2010 clearly established the fact that we remain the preferred choice of our agents, dealers and surgeons worldwide.

Our focused approach, experience and passion is helping us to enhance our market share and continue with our innovative success to become one of the key surgical blade producers worldwide against a backdrop of more and more companies stopping production of surgical blades.

The Medica team interviews Mr. Rajiv Kehr who speaks about the latest innovation from the company – The World’s Safest and Strongest Surgical Blade...

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