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Disposable scalpels consist of a surgical blade attached to a plastic handle. Scalpels have been designed with your safety in mind. A clear plastic guard covers the blade. This provides protection to the edge, prevents damage to the packaging and allows safe disposal after use. Disposable scalpels are sterilized by Gamma radiation. Disposable scalpels are sold individually packed in boxes of 10. We can also supply in bulk packs.

  Disposable Scalpels

Fitment No 3

Fitment No.4

Easy Peel Packing

   Packed in easy peel pouches. 10 scalpels per unit box.


  • Disposable scalpels with high quality precision blades.
  • Ergonomically designed for better feel and precision.
  • Disposable ABS plastic handle.
  • Gamma sterilized.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and product specifications from USA and Europe.