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Sterile disposable safety scalpel with retractable sheath. The right choice to help you meet OSHA guidelines. Prevents sharp related injuries. Available in all sizes of Fitment 3 and Fitment 4. For a list of all sizes see table below:


  • Retractable sheath with instructions on product itself.
  • Swedish Stainless steel blade totally eliminates blade wobble commonly found in other brands.
  • Latex free
  • Permanent lock out for safe disposal.
  Safety Scalpels

Ship/ Pass position
  Sheath covers the blade to safely pass. Audible click confirms sheath is
  extended and covers blade.

Use Position 

  The Surgical Blade is exposed and ready for use. Audible click confirms
  sheath is fully retracted.  

Easy Peel Packing

  Safety Scalpels are packed in easy peel pouches with 10 scalpels per
  unit box.


Size   Reorder No.
  10 11560
  11 11561
  11P 11531
  12 11562
  15 11565
  15C 11566
  20 11570
  21 11571
  22 11572
  23 11573
  24 11574



  • Handle with care.
  • Blade is extremely sharp.
  • Do not autoclave.
  • Product guaranteed sterile unless package is damaged or open.
  • Always cover blade with sheath before passing for safety.
  • Permanently lock sheath before disposing in approved
    sharps container.
  • Used sharps are contaminated. Disease may occur from injury.
  • Refer to AORN, CDC, OSHA or other local standards setting organization guidelines for handling and disposal of sharps.